I’m an Olympic athlete, personal trainer, and weight loss coach.


I’m here to help you become the person you know – deep down – you’re capable of being. 

Kristin Hedstrom rowing in the Olympics in the lightweight double

You know your ideal health and wellness is out there but until now, it’s been incredibly frustrating to find.

You don’t have time to figure out what workouts will get you to your goals the fastest or the energy to follow restrictive diets. If only there was a step-by-step plan, tailored specifically to you


That’s exactly what I can help with.

Through my customized one-on-one programs, I’ve helped hundreds of motivated women gain control, confidence, and energy – and achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. I believe in the power of having a knowledgeable coach on your team. I believe that small, deliberate steps lead to big change.

So how the heck did I get into this?

You know that chubby kid picked last in gym class? That was me. Totally un-coordinated, un-athletic, and un-fit. Moaned and groaned at anything having to do with sports. But once I found a coach and team I loved, I was hooked.

I never thought I’d get to the Olympic Games, but once I learned the path to achieving big, scary goals, I saw that it was a possibility for me – and with a whole bunch of hard work, I eventually made that a reality.

One of the things that struck me most?

Women are so much stronger than they believe.

We settle for less than what we’re capable of. We don’t believe we can have what we truly desire. We self-sabotage when it comes to our bodies and our minds.


Maybe it’s been a long time since you nurtured your inner greatness – or maybe you’ve never had a chance to get to know it in the first place. Either way, the transformative power of my programs will boost your confidence in every area of your life, not just in terms of your health.


and get you on the path to a kickass life.


You are so much stronger than you realize. Building confidence, health, strength, and radiance starts in the workout studio. Physically pushing yourself helps you live a higher quality life outside of the studio – and helps you face life’s challenges in a brand new way.

Life (and working out) was meant to be FUN, so let’s make it fun.

Move often and move the way you were meant to as a human being; jump over things, pick things up off the ground, press things over your head, and move laterally. Avoid sitting still.

Love the sweat.

When it comes to food, ignore the fads. We know what works from decades of science. Eat fruits and vegetables every day – plus plenty of whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. Not much meat or sugar. Avoid most foods that come in a package and all foods you get through a window.

Progress, not perfection.

Focus on what’s important and leave the rest. Be honest. Be a leader to those around you.

Enjoy the process and celebrate your progress!