Six women, lasting results, and a whole lot of fun


You know those classic workout classes, right? Spin classes, bootcamps, Zumba, Barre…there are so many out there these days.


Do you ever feel like there are sliiightly too many people in the room, you barely get any personalized attention, and if you hadn’t shown up, no one would’ve noticed?


You leave those classes feeling like it was better than nothing but not an

engaging, life-changing experience.

When I created small group training, I tore that antiquated model down and rebuilt it based on what women really need.

Six women only.


Personalized attention from a qualified trainer.

A positive team environment.

Progress tracking.

Goal setting.

The opportunity to connect outside of class.


Each of my small group classes have a maximum of six women – and it’s the same six women each week. So if you don’t show up…people notice (this is a good thing!!). Classes are designed with you in mind, so you’ll get the best possible full-body workout in the one hour we have together. Each workout is easily adaptable to different skill and strength levels, so you’ll never feel left behind.

With personalized monthly goals and quarterly evaluations, you’ll string together good habit after good habit, creating a

powerful wellness solution. 


After you’ve high fived each of your teammates at the end of class doesn’t mean the support is over. Just pop into the private Facebook group to find inspiration, meal ideas, and support outside of class.

“Kristin’s class is so great. She mixes up the workouts each week so it never get boring. She’s really helpful and encouraging with everyone in the class. Her 6 person class is the best size as you get personal attention as well as support from the rest of the class in an encouraging, supportive environment. Highly recommend her and her approach!”
Jessica H.

Oakland, CA

“I had tried literally every crazy diet in the world that I thought would make me “healthy”, and had finally decided to reach out for help – and thank god I did!
It wasn’t until I met with Kristin and my amazing group for my first group class that I was able to really commit in the long term. Through setting monthly goals (that we are held accountable for), working out with like-minded women of all ages and walks of life, and sticking to maintaining a caloric deficit, I am finally seeing consistent results in my physical health for the first time, ever.”
Allie E.

Alameda, CA

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“Each class is dynamic and interesting, and Kristin motivates us to work hard and push ourselves and each other in a fun and supportive environment. We also spend a little bit of time each week discussing other wellness topics, such as nutrition, how to stay injury free, and goal setting. I love how the class is with the same group each week, it increases my motivation to be there each class (as I know people will notice if I’m not!) and it’s inspiring to see others improve week to week. Highly recommend!”
Elie C.

Alameda, CA

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