Winter Break Training Plan


A 3-week training plan perfect for junior and collegiate athletes who want to know what workouts to do over Thanksgiving and Christmas break.



This Training Plan is for rowers who want to increase their speed on the rowing machine over winter break. This downloadable PDF is designed to help you sustain your distance (6k) work and starting to transition you into 2k prep. All you have to do is the assigned workout for each day of the week, which alternates between harder pieces, steady state, and rest. There are 3 weeks of workouts and 6 workouts per week, which you can adapt to your school or club’s Christmas and Thanksgiving break schedule. The plan also includes six cross-training workouts for days you don’t have access to an erg.

This plan is ideal for junior and collegiate athletes who want a crystal clear plan for what to do each day of winter break. 

Each workout includes a specific warm-up, how to set your erg monitor, rates, rest time, what split to go for (in a “2k PR pace + ___” or “6k PR pace + ___” format), a cool down, and a stretching routine.

Also included: Olympian Pro Tips and a Daily Stretching and Rolling Routine. 


“If you’re chasing a new PR or getting ready for your next race, I highly recommend Kristin’s training plan. Training with Kristin improved both my rowing fitness and confidence. Her success as a US National Team rower and Olympian means she knows the best workouts and how to peak for race day. Kristin’s plan is appropriately challenging in order to up your rowing game; her approach is purposeful and positive in order to avoid burnout. I was ready to race!”
– Ann H, Oakland, California


Are you ready to have your fastest spring season yet? Downloadable upon purchase.

Please note: training plans are for individual use only.