Ready to get in the best shape of your life – and have fun doing it?

As a highly sought after Personal Trainer in the San Francisco Bay Area, I train motivated

women who want to lose weight and feel amazing.

I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of women in the Alameda and Oakland area get fit.


During our workouts, I’ll guide you through the exact exercises to get you to your goals as quickly as possible. I’ll challenge you, encourage you, and celebrate you along the way.



As an elite athlete who represented Team USA for almost a decade, I know how to do exercises correctly so you get the most effective workout without injuring yourself. I’m also extremely goal oriented – I want to get you to your goal as quickly as possible. I hold certifications in a range of different areas


Making things fun makes them worth doing. We’ll get the energy going, get laughing, and have a great time together. My goal is to have every client leave their session feeling sweaty but amazing, ready to take charge of their health – and their lives.


Women are so much stronger than they believe. I’ll prove to you that you are, too. Together, we’ll build your confidence so you feel unstoppable in every area of your life.


I customize each client’s plan to her unique needs with plenty of variety thrown in. You’ll never be stuck doing the same workouts over and over again.


I love my clients, no matter what level they’re at, no matter they weigh, and no matter what others think of them.


Daily pain shouldn’t be a thing. I’ll show you the simple but unique techniques to alleviate lower back pain – and any other daily pains you have.

Kristin is quite easily the best personal trainer I know.  When I came to her almost a year ago, I wanted to become stronger and I wanted to run a 5k, which I had never done before.  Kristin put together a well thought out workout plan to not only achieve my goals but also surpass them, and when I surpassed them, she encouraged me to make new goals so I can improve and get stronger everyday.  Her workouts are fun and challenging, always different, never boring. She is also extremely supportive in everything I do, whether it’s cheering me on at the gym or at the end of a race, while holding me accountable and challenging me to think about fitness and nutrition in ways that I will enjoy.”
Daryll S.

Alameda, CA

I offer in-home personal training or the option to train with me in my studio in Alameda. Currently, I have spots open to train once or twice each week.

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“Kristin is by far the best personal trainer ever!! She absolutely knows what she’s doing. She is professional, dedicated, and just fun to be around. I have been working with her for 4+ years and her sessions are always different and challenging. When I first started working with her, I was so out of shape. I couldn’t run for one minute, had lower back aches constantly, and felt like I wanted a new life. Since then I’ve lost 40 lbs, I have way more energy, my body is tighter, and my back pain is gone. My arms have never been better. Kristin puts thought into every workout and doesn’t let me quit. I have never felt that I was wasting my time or money on my sessions with her. She is truly a wonderful person and personal trainer.”
Alejandra G.

Alameda, CA

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