Some moments are just so freakin’ cool. Like today, the three-month mark for Kelsey on her weight loss journey.

She came to me just after the new year and I recommended that she do my Weight Loss Coaching program. She had no idea what to expect, but jumped in anyway – and I’m so glad she did.

When I helped her set three-month goals back in February, she literally wrote down: I will lose 22 lbs on or before May 3, 2017. She was scared to commit to it on that level because she didn’t know HOW she was going to do it. But she trusted that she’d didn’t have to know how to get to them yet; if she set the goal, she’s make it happen.

And she did just that. In fact, she exceeded it by a pound. Funny how (well-thought out) intentions always come true with consistent focus and work.

Today we did a little interview to reflect on her progress.

Kristin: How do you feel, now that you’ve gotten to your three-month goal?

Kelsey: I feel really good about it. It definitely felt unrealistic. It didn’t feel like it was actually going to feel like that much progress, but now I realize those 22 lbs are gone and they’re never coming back. Going forward, I’m working on a different 22 lbs and that does feel like progress.

KH: How do you know it’s not coming back?

KW: (laughs) I mean, I guess I don’t know! But I feel like the changes we made – the baby steps – are really sustainable and I won’t let it come back. I don’t want to! I don’t want to go backwards. I just held a 20 lb weight and it’s going to stay in that form – not on my body (laughs!).

KH: A new sense of confidence, it sounds like. 

KW: Yeah. I have confidence that I never want to start from that point again AND I have confidence that I can keep doing this.

KH: What was the best part of this journey so far?

KW: I really think the best part was learning how impactful baby steps are – really. I mean, there were a lot of good things, a lot of highlights. Some of my goals were things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise…well, everything I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Learning to go to the gym on my own was a huge success…but overall it’s that baby steps really do make a big impact when you’re not looking.

KH: How is that different than the way you used to operate?

KW: I used to feel like it was all or nothing. And then I just did nothing. Now I know I can always do something and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, even if it feels scary.

KH: Was it hard?

KW: (laughs) Depends on the day! Some days it feels really hard and some days it feels like this happened magically. So it’s hard and easy.

KH: Imagine someone standing where you were at the beginning of this process saying “I could never get to where you are.” What would you tell them?

KW: That baby steps work. And you don’t have to do anything scary on day 1. You have to figure out what you’re scared of and take baby steps. At least that’s what worked for me.

KH: When you started this process with me, what did you expect it would be like, and what was it actually like? 

KW: I firmly believed that it was going to be a situation where you told me I had to change every single thing I was doing and eating and basically how I was existing. (laughs) And that was totally overwhelming, and I pushed back on wanting to do it at all. But you told me to trust the process and so I opted in and trusted it. And then I learned that the process was actually me making my own decisions and choosing what I wanted to work at and asking you for resources and taking it week by week. And – changing course when needed so I never had to do anything for more than a week that wasn’t working. So I’m glad I trusted the process!